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Book List Sample

Hi All,

As promised, here is a sample of the books that will be released into the streets of Edinburgh on the 15th August. This is only a sample as we have had over 600 books donated to the project. Here’s a preview:

BBC Music Magazine – Top 1000 CD’s Guide

Cooking and Eating Around the World

Women in Love – D.H. Lawrence

Icon – Frederick Forsyth

Principal Drugs – S.J  Hopkins

Chinese Horoscopes – Barry Fantoni

Streets of Fire – Soledad Santiago

The Bourne Ultimatum – Robert Ludlum

Death of an Expert Witness – P.D. James

There’s no one like you snoopy – Charles M. Schulz

A Dad at Last – Marie Ferrarella

Lizzie & Indian Summer – Louise Bindley

Familiar Lullaby – Caroline Burns

Enjoying Music – Jean Richardson

Baby and Child Care – Dr. Benjamin Spock

Breaking Gglass – Eric Lennon

Simple Starters – Andrew and Anne Jackson

Our revel emotions – Bernard Mobs

Meteor – Edmund H. North

The Hours – Michael Cunningham

Ghost Dance – Mark T. Sullivan

The Round Tower – Catherine Gookson

Principles of medicine and medical nursing – J.C. Houston

Spore 7 – Clancy Carlie

7 Sam – Richard Cox

Kill-a-louse-week – Susan Gregory

The Night Manhattan Burned – Basil Jackson

UFO – Robert Chapman

A pocketful of E’s – Michael Barry

Fade-Out – Patrick Tilley

School Stories – Elinor Brent Dyer 

Woman in the Mirror – Caryn Franklin

Centurions and Sinners – Anthea Cousins

A history of the world in 10 ½ chapters – Julian Barnes

The Nest – Gregory Douglas

Damien Omen 2 – Joseph Howard

Heartbreaker – Judy Garland

 Sf.22 – Kenneth Bulmer

Things we knew were true – Nicci Gerard 

Laws and Disorders – Richard Death

Thesaurus – Collins

The mind – Anthony Smith

Medicine – J.C. Houston

Guide to the Internet – Carol Vorderman

Jessie Gray – Emma Blair

Playing with Cobras – Craig Thomas

The Woman in White – Wilkie Collins

The Chronicles of Narnia – C.S. Lewis

Warlord of Mars – Edgar Rice Burroughs

E-mail, a love story – Stephanie D. Fletcher

Wedding Etiquette – Angela Lansbury

 Picture This – Lizzie McGuire

Garden Ideas

Confessions of a Good Arab – Yoram Kaniuk  

Ascendant thought – Dotty McAuliffe

Unspeakable acts – Simon Bond

A history for today – Anne Frank

Zoom into better photos – Steve Bavister

Cross stitch castles & cottages – Jane Greenoff

Between the Sheets – James Pond

 Yoga – Mary Stewart   

The Brown of the Gallowgate – Doris Davidson

Just for One – Katharine Blakemore

X-files Confidential – Ted Edwards

The Wildest Dream – Leni Gillman

Rainbow Warrior – François Pienaar

Headaches and Migraine – Leon Chaitow

The Black Death – John Marr

Whispers in the Village – Rebecca Shaw

Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Number One – Leslie Waller

Book of Aircraft – Roy Braybrook

The Voice of the Night – Dean R. Koontz

A Complicated Woman – Sheelagh Kelly

Emma – Jane Austen

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – Stephen King

253 – Geoff Ryman

As  before – if you find a book, enjoy it, visit the site and pass it on!

Happy Reading!

Remember: If you want to donate or get involved, DM me on Twitter: @cityferret  Tag: #Edinbooks

or email at: cityferret@yahoo.co.uk


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Announcement: Edinbooks Date – Saturday 15th August 2009

Thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in getting involved in the next Edinbooks book drop. The new date is set for Saturday 15th August 2009.

Over 600 books have been donated by individuals and a special thanks to Ambergreen Internet Marketing (www.ambergreeninternetmarketing.com) for donating 500 books to the project.

A selection of the books will be posted shortly for you to see the variety of subjects and genres that will be floating around the city on the 15th August.

As ever, if you want to get involved, DM me on Twitter @cityferret

The twitter tag is #Edinbooks and email address is: cityferret@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks again and happy hunting!

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Welcome to Spreading the Word, an experiment in reading

This is the start of an experiment in reading and passing on books we love. The concept is simple. Take a book, writing down your name, where you’re from and leave it somewhere for others to find. Leave a message telling them about this site so that we can track the progress of the book. The idea is to read, share and see where books have traveled. Good luck and happy reading.

I will be adding pages to this blog to show where I’ve left books and to manage comments. If you find a book, pass it on and tell me about.

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