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Hi All,

As promised, here is a sample of the books that will be released into the streets of Edinburgh on the 15th August. This is only a sample as we have had over 600 books donated to the project. Here’s a preview:

BBC Music Magazine – Top 1000 CD’s Guide

Cooking and Eating Around the World

Women in Love – D.H. Lawrence

Icon – Frederick Forsyth

Principal Drugs – S.J  Hopkins

Chinese Horoscopes – Barry Fantoni

Streets of Fire – Soledad Santiago

The Bourne Ultimatum – Robert Ludlum

Death of an Expert Witness – P.D. James

There’s no one like you snoopy – Charles M. Schulz

A Dad at Last – Marie Ferrarella

Lizzie & Indian Summer – Louise Bindley

Familiar Lullaby – Caroline Burns

Enjoying Music – Jean Richardson

Baby and Child Care – Dr. Benjamin Spock

Breaking Gglass – Eric Lennon

Simple Starters – Andrew and Anne Jackson

Our revel emotions – Bernard Mobs

Meteor – Edmund H. North

The Hours – Michael Cunningham

Ghost Dance – Mark T. Sullivan

The Round Tower – Catherine Gookson

Principles of medicine and medical nursing – J.C. Houston

Spore 7 – Clancy Carlie

7 Sam – Richard Cox

Kill-a-louse-week – Susan Gregory

The Night Manhattan Burned – Basil Jackson

UFO – Robert Chapman

A pocketful of E’s – Michael Barry

Fade-Out – Patrick Tilley

School Stories – Elinor Brent Dyer 

Woman in the Mirror – Caryn Franklin

Centurions and Sinners – Anthea Cousins

A history of the world in 10 ½ chapters – Julian Barnes

The Nest – Gregory Douglas

Damien Omen 2 – Joseph Howard

Heartbreaker – Judy Garland

 Sf.22 – Kenneth Bulmer

Things we knew were true – Nicci Gerard 

Laws and Disorders – Richard Death

Thesaurus – Collins

The mind – Anthony Smith

Medicine – J.C. Houston

Guide to the Internet – Carol Vorderman

Jessie Gray – Emma Blair

Playing with Cobras – Craig Thomas

The Woman in White – Wilkie Collins

The Chronicles of Narnia – C.S. Lewis

Warlord of Mars – Edgar Rice Burroughs

E-mail, a love story – Stephanie D. Fletcher

Wedding Etiquette – Angela Lansbury

 Picture This – Lizzie McGuire

Garden Ideas

Confessions of a Good Arab – Yoram Kaniuk  

Ascendant thought – Dotty McAuliffe

Unspeakable acts – Simon Bond

A history for today – Anne Frank

Zoom into better photos – Steve Bavister

Cross stitch castles & cottages – Jane Greenoff

Between the Sheets – James Pond

 Yoga – Mary Stewart   

The Brown of the Gallowgate – Doris Davidson

Just for One – Katharine Blakemore

X-files Confidential – Ted Edwards

The Wildest Dream – Leni Gillman

Rainbow Warrior – François Pienaar

Headaches and Migraine – Leon Chaitow

The Black Death – John Marr

Whispers in the Village – Rebecca Shaw

Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Number One – Leslie Waller

Book of Aircraft – Roy Braybrook

The Voice of the Night – Dean R. Koontz

A Complicated Woman – Sheelagh Kelly

Emma – Jane Austen

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – Stephen King

253 – Geoff Ryman

As  before – if you find a book, enjoy it, visit the site and pass it on!

Happy Reading!

Remember: If you want to donate or get involved, DM me on Twitter: @cityferret  Tag: #Edinbooks

or email at:


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